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New Classic Chinese Almanac Year of the Pig 2019 is here!

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Master Thomas Lin Yun says...
Dr. Edgar Sung edits and translates the Classic Chinese Almanac each year to benefit students internationally. His hard work should not go unrecognized. Now, he has translated and edited the Ten Thousand Years Book, including detailed explanations of the mysterious changes of Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, Years, Months, Days, and Hours, 24 Seasons (Joints and Qi), Double Year, Double Month, Double Day. It is all recorded in detail. The author clearly presents how the year is divided in terms of the Four Seasons, the beginning of one Joint and one Qi, including the minutes and seconds, all accurately calculated and recorded. This allows the reader to use the Ten Thousand Years Book to do different calculations including the Qi of Nine Stars and Purple Star, in order to accurately determine and predict each person's characteristics.

William Spear, author of Feng Shui Made Easy, says...
Time and Space are the invisible boundaries within which most people operate. The Classic Chinese Almanac by Dr. Edgar Sung is one of those essential references which can help each of us to expand our horizons and become what Mencius called a t'ien min - a "citizen of the Universe." It is in this spirit of service to others, that Dr. Edgar Sung creates this yearly volume; using it brings us closer to the Tao, more aware of the infinite potential we all possess, forever grateful for all the ancient teachings.

Jon Sandifer, author of Feng Shui For Life and Feng Shui Astrology, writes...
The Ten Thousand Years Book

Chinese Astrology forms an integral and vital component of Feng Shui. Without the time element fully appreciated and comprehended, the big picture that Feng Shui can provide is somewhat limited. It is rather like cooking rice without sea salt. Doctor Sung provides the sea salt with this book!

When I first learnt Chinese Astrology I had to use the Ten Thousand Year Calendar written in Chinese. It took a long time to fully understand how it worked, how to read from right to left and to interpret the Chinese characters and more precisely to discern when the months began and where the twenty four Seasons also began. It was tough work and I still carry my battered calendar wherever I go. Explaining the system to students is tedious and takes up so much valuable time- if only there was a calendar in the English language.

Well it's here! Doctor Sung has made a very valuable contribution to Feng Shui by translating the Ten Thousand Years Book from 1920 through until 2020, all the work has been done for you! On top of that it is in English.

Doctor Sung covers: the Solar Month, the Solar Day, the Lunar Month, the Lunar Day, the Month Stem, the Month Branch, the Day Stem and the Day Branch. In addition to this Doctor Sung provides for the Nine Star Qi enthusiast the Nine Star number of the day throughout this era. He also provides in English the starting point of the twenty-four Seasons adjusted to local time. This is the work of a very patient man.

Whether you incorporate the Nine Stars or the Four Pillars into your work then this tool is invaluable. I prefer the "feel" of a solid book in front of me when I make my calculations rather than a potentially unreliable and impersonal computer programme.

Congratulations and many thanks Doctor Sung.

The Classic Chinese Almanac

Visit any China Town worldwide and you will find around the New Year many different copies (in Chinese of course) of the yearly Almanac sometimes known as the Tung Shu. This popular publication is read by thousands of Chinese worldwide as it will give them an over view of their own Animal in relationship to the Animal of the year. Not only that it will give an over view of what kind of year it is likely to be globally. Doctor Sung covers all of these topics within this book and then goes day-by-day throughout the year indicating: the Branch and Stem for the day, the Element of the day, the Nine Star for the day, auspicious Hours, the twenty-eight Constellations, suitable activities, unsuitable activities and any clashes and their direction that may occur.

This is a vital piece of work for any Feng Shui practitioner to incorporate for advice that they give their clients. In addition it can help a practitioner decide which are good days for consultations and which directions are best suited for them to travel. In other words it can take a lot of unnecessary hassle out of your precious time.

The final section of the book is excellent as it covers more layers about the interaction of the different Branches and the different Stems as well as information on the twenty-four seasons, the Hours and a list of all the Lunar Years from 1900-2020. All the Nine Stars are also indicated from 1910-2008.

This is a very valuable tool and I highly recommend it.

As you know, for over two thousand years, the Chinese Almanac (Tung Li) has been used as a guide for agriculture and the planning of daily life. The version we have produced emphasizes the practical dimension, so that the modern reader can make use of this storehouse of ancient wisdom to address such basic life concerns as the conduct and timing of each day's activities as well as important events such as weddings, grand openings, ground breaking, traveling, burial and so forth.

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