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The BTB Feng Shui Master's Training Program™ provided me with the solid foundation upon which I've built a successful Feng Shui professional practice. While other schools may also teach basic Feng Shui principles and theory, what makes the BTB school exceptional is the following. The breadth, width and depth of knowledge of the three teachers. An emphasis on meditation and spiritual practice to cultivate our personal Qi (chi) as the best way to help our clients and to impart transcendental solutions. I am eternally grateful to the BTB teachers and to Grandmaster Lin Yun.

Terumi Leinow

I first heard about Feng Shui by "coincidence" through a book that awakened a deeper interest to understand nature and its parallelism with life. Today I realized that my coming to the US was the result of a Feng Shui experiment of basic strengthening of the Benefactors and Traveling are of my Venezuelan home... only 5 years ago I searched the internet and I could count with my hands the number of links that came out to study Feng Shui.

BTB Masters Training Program was there with a profound explanation of their teachings; it was not a "weekend intensive" but rather a journey. I decided to try them and they surpassed my expectations! I consider Barry, Edgar and Steven professionals in energy healing with ethics, rich cultural background, they are an "eclectic trio" :-) if I might say. After a year graduated from the BTB Masters Training Program, I consider the BTB one of the most serious schools there are; they respect different religions and beliefs, they honor shamanic, rituals and cultural practices in their teaching and they emphasized in working with the self (meditation among others techniques) before giving consultations. I feel grateful to receive the teachings about different ways to wake up awareness in you and in other people's life. It teaches to work with energy, intention, awareness, humor and unconditional love.

BTB emphasizes working from the inside to the out; being in the present, being open, dealing with your ego, and ultimately working with the "helping hands" attitude to your clients above all. My BTB experience the profound realization that spirituality is the best companion and that it might be manifested in every aspect of life. I witnessed enormous energy changes in myself as well as the colleagues that I shared the joy of studying with. It starts deep inside and then like waves, it weaves the energy of the classroom that supports your learning and your being, you end up becoming a better-rounded individual who is constantly practicing awareness. I came from the corporate world and after 8 years I closed that door to let the journey unfold in something more aligned with my life style and beliefs, and the BTB had to do a lot with it! Deeply thankful,

Wanda Sommer, Surfside, FL

I have chosen to study BTB because it is modern, quick, easy and occidental We have a built-in compass which is always available to ourselves.

Monica del Corral, New York, BTB Graduate

Edgar, thank you once again for being such a great and interesting teacher, I am motivated by your style or teaching and it is also easily understood and always interesting material.

Christine Colzani, Los Gatos, CA

My life has change forever and you have been a wonderful contribution. What I appreciate about you is your vast knowledge, clear perceptions and lack of ego. You demonstrate to me what a feng shui master is.

Joyce Evans, Plymouth Meeting, PA

The BTB training was one of the most transformative and enjoyable experiences I have ever had. It offers a path of great spiritual and personal growth.

Eric Shaffert, Author, Feng Shui and Money

I would like to thank you for the gift of knowledge and knowingness you have imparted to me the last couple of years. Through your feng shui classes I have been able to broaden my worldview tremendously. Like everyone in your classes, I have experienced a lot of change, inner and outer.
Living in Georgia has brought me closer to the inner workings of my life. I feel I want to focus more on the organization of the mind and spirit. I know this was at the heart of your teachings.

Lisa Madden, Cumming, GA

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