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Barry Gordon Barry Gordon is a senior student of Professor Thomas Yun Lin, spiritual leader of contemporary Black Sect Tantric Buddhism. Master Lin Yun is among the most renowned Chinese philosophers of our time and has been a major factor in the introduction and growth of Feng Shui in The United States and Europe. Barry has practiced Feng Shui for over twenty years. He has a BS in Physics, but a death experience in Vietnam led him on a very broad and intensive spiritual path. With an extensive background in western psychotherapy and Homeopathy, he also lived in Hindu ashrams, Buddhist monasteries, studied with a Sufi Master and with a Hawaiian Kahuna. He has many years of business experience in sales and finance.

Barry serves on the board of the Institute of Integrated Sciences and is a director of GEO (Geomancy / Feng Shui Education Organization) formed specifically at the request of Professor Lin to provide authoritative consultation and educational services in take Black Sect tradition. He consults throughout the United States, in Italy and the Caribbean Islands.

You may contact Mr. Gordon at (510) 526-3599

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