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Need a change in your life, in your luck?
They may be able to bring it about with
some ancient Chinese secrets.
- Stone Phillips, NBC Dateline

Mystical yet practical...
- Newsweek

Black Sect Feng Shui Tradition

The Black Sect is a synthesis of Shamanic and wisdom teachings. It recognizes that there is no separation between consciousness, intention and form, that all form is an expression of intention, and that there is a constant cybernetic and emergent communication between them. Creation arises out of consciousness, the artist, the intender. Qi, the vital force, is both the medium and the message. Black Sect Feng Shui is the science/art of the constant, mutual, interactive communication and conditioning between the Qi of place or environment and the chi of individuals.

Changing the Qi of a place changes the situation's inherent intention, changing the luck/fate/karma of the inhabitants. Black Sect practitioners learn to adjust Qi at the most appropriate dimension, whether directly through meditation, using natural forces, or through Feng Shui adjustment.

As taught by Professor Lin Yun, Black Sect Feng Shui is a synthesis of Tibetan and Chinese Buddhist, Daoist, and folk wisdom as well as modern psychology and design principals. Black Sect teaching helps bring to fruition an individual's wish for positive change in accord with universal principals. Black Sect practitioners "do well by doing good", advancing themselves by benefiting others. This enlightened self interest makes the practice of Feng Shui especially appealing.

Meditation practices awaken a clear view of what is needed and appropriate to correct and balance disharmony in our environment and ourselves. By understanding the environment as a perfect expression of our spiritual and psychological states, we can use the juncture of self and home, place and being to create true comfort and joy.

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